Our review process is based on a wide range of publicly available information, such as customer reviews on popular platforms like Google Maps, BBB, Yelp, etc., the company’s track record of successful solar installations, the quality of products and services offered, warranty conditions, and financing options.

We’ve tailored our evaluation method to zero in on what counts for you when picking a solar company you can count on, leaving out the noise.

We use a straightforward 5-star rating system to grade solar installers. A company that scores 5 stars is at the top of its game, delivering outstanding service, dependability, and overall performance.

On the flip side, a company with a 1-star rating doesn’t make the cut due to failing in key areas, making them less advisable to work with.

Scoring 5 stars in our reviews means a company is exceptional across the board — reliable installation work, good reviews from real customers locally, good post-metallation support, and beyond. These are the companies we’re happy to recommend for their consistent ability to go above and beyond what’s expected.

A 1-star score, meanwhile, flags a company as one to steer clear of because of various issues, including low-quality installations, negative feedback from customers, missed deadlines, and inferior products and equipment.

Why Experience Counts

In solar, being around matters. We look for companies with at least five years under their belt because it usually means they’re stable, dependable, and know how to deliver. A company that’s stuck around shows they’re committed and can handle the tricky parts of the business, giving you less to worry about. Solar panels last a long time—up to 30 years—but they do need some upkeep. That’s why going with a company that’s been in the game for a while is smart. They’ll have plans for the long haul, covering maintenance and repairs after they’ve set up your panels.

Local vs. National: Going Local Wins More

We tend to favor local solar installers over the big national names. Why? Local teams really get to know you, understand the solar scene in your area, and are on top of the local rules.

People usually end up happier with the service they get from these local gems compared to the big companies.

Solar energy’s very much a local thing, and it’s hard for a giant corporation to offer great service from far away.

Hands-On Experience

It’s not just about years in business; it’s what you’ve done with those years. Companies loaded with project experience are more likely to get your installation done right and on time, exactly how you need it. They’ve seen it all and know how to deal with surprises, making your installation smooth sailing.

In-House Installation Crew

Companies that use their own crews for installations keep quality high. These teams are experts in their field and own up to their work, unlike outsourced jobs where accountability can slip. This means better service for you and a job well done.

Checking the Local Buzz

A solid local reputation is a big green light. We dive into reviews on platforms like SolarReviews, BBB, Google Maps, Yelp, and more to see what people are saying. Positive reviews are great, but how a company responds to the not-so-great feedback matters too.

The Nitty-Gritty of Rooftop Installation

Knowing the ins and outs of local climates, rules, and solar rebates takes serious local knowledge. Installers who have this know-how can get permits faster and design systems that really crank out the power, tailored to your area’s unique conditions.

Must-Have Credentials

Licenses, insurance, and certifications like NABCEP are a must. They show a company is serious about quality and safety, sticking to the highest standards.

Helping Hand with Solar Incentives

The solar rebates, programs, and incentives maze can be tough to navigate. Companies that help you understand and snag these financial perks show they’re in it to make solar easy and affordable for you.

Choice of Solar Brands

We pick companies offering a broad range of top-notch solar panels, inverters, batteries, and other equipment. This variety means they can put together the perfect solar setup for your specific needs and budget.

Quality among leading solar brands is pretty close, but each has its own price and performance perks. Brands like SunPower, LG, Panasonic, and others are known for their reliability. It’s about finding an installer that offers the best brands to fit your budget, ensuring you get great value.

Flexible Financing Makes Solar Simple

Easy financing options are key to spreading solar far and wide. We rate companies on their ability to offer loans, leases, or power purchase agreements that fit different budgets.

The Warranty Seal of Approval

A reliable installer backs up their work with solid warranties. Look for companies with strong guarantees on their work and the system’s performance, giving you peace of mind and protection for your solar investment.

Our approach to picking solar installers is thorough, going beyond basic standards to find those that truly stand out in service, installation quality, and value for your solar project.

Nate is a solar expert with years of hands-on experience. He knows solar tech and sustainable energy inside out. His advice has helped many homeowners and businesses go green. Nate is passionate about eco-friendly living. That's why he's a big voice in the solar community.

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About the Author: Nate Rodda

Nate is a solar expert with years of hands-on experience. He knows solar tech and sustainable energy inside out. His advice has helped many homeowners and businesses go green. Nate is passionate about eco-friendly living. That's why he's a big voice in the solar community.

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