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About Us. How we got here and where we are now

Our History.

Founded by an unbiased team of solar experts with deep roots in the industry, it is our ambition to take the mystery out of solar technology for homeowners coast to coast.

Illuminate, Educate, Empower. was born to be far more than a review website; we are your ultimate resource for making informed and unbiased decisions when going solar.

How we do it

Shedding a light on the best solar installers through informed recommendations.

Empowering our audience to make savvy, informed decisions that match their desires for their home, budget, and values.

Offering education to homeowners about what solar can do for them and how it all works

What Sets Us Apart

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Nationwide Network

We proudly partner with the most extensive range of solar installers across the United States, ensuring you have access to top-tier solar solutions no matter where you are.

Truth is our foundation

We’re dedicated to uncovering and sharing the realities of going solar, providing you with a holistic view of the process, benefits, and considerations. Our mission is to empower you with accurate information, so you can make informed decisions about your solar energy journey.

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Unique Rating System

Our approach is grounded in transparency and community. By leveraging open-source data and reviews from local communities, we offer an unbiased, comprehensive rating system for solar installers. This method ensures that the ratings you see reflect the true experiences of homeowners like you.

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The Largest Directory

Our vast database of reviewed installers is unmatched, offering in-depth insights and transparent reviews across all states. This comprehensive coverage and detailed information equip you with the confidence to make the best choice for your solar energy needs.

Our Values: Trust, Integrity and Innovation


We’re all about clarity and openness, laying the foundation for trust with every review or piece of advice we offer.


In an ever-evolving world, we stay ahead of the curve on solar innovations and trends, keeping you informed and ready to make the best decisions.

What Makes Us Different

Behind, there is a team of veterans from the solar industry, engineers, and environmental advocates. They have contributed all their know-how, experience, and passion for the renewables space. Together, we are committed to delivering thorough reviews, insights, and guiding information, all designed to help you find top-rated solar companies that can be trusted. 

Looking through our content, you’ll see very quickly that we are serious about being your go-to source for solar information. 

These expert reviews and our education and learning center will help you navigate from beginning to end. Take it from us; great things happen when you have an advisor in your back pocket who’s always one step ahead.

Always one step ahead

Join Us on the Path to a Brighter Future

More than just a website, we’re a community of like-minded homeowners and experts with the mission to help others understand solar power—one panel at a time. Whether you’re only now beginning to consider going solar or are ready to dive into solarization, we want to light the path.

Take this step today. Just look around and find out more about the solar market, our top-rated partners, and most importantly, how solar power can change your life while benefiting Earth. Nerd.Solar: Powering Your Solar Decisions.

Nerd.Solar. Empowering Your Solar Decisions.