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Our mission is to help you make an informed decision when looking for a local solar company.

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We’re here on a simple mission: to make solar energy clear, powerful, and trustworthy for everyone. started because a bunch of us who love solar energy wanted to do more than just talk about it. We’re here to make the whole thing of getting solar panels less confusing, helping homeowners see the clear path to a better, greener future.

Straight Talk and Real Deals

We show you what solar energy can really do for you, from saving money to helping the planet.

  • Save money

  • Help the planet
  • Lower energy costs

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We break down how solar works so you can make choices that feel right for you.

  • Simplify solar basics
  • Guide through options
  • Support confident choices

Best Picks from the Crowd

With a little help from the community and checking out all the facts, we offer honest advice on the best solar options out there.

  • Connect with top installers

  • See real user reviews
  • Ensure quality and reliability

What Makes Us Different

Getting into solar can seem like a huge task. Nerd.Solar makes it easy, connecting homeowners with the best solar installers out there. Our big list of installers is backed by people like you and shows we’re serious about quality and honesty.

We want to light up the way to using solar energy. By teaming up with a bunch of solar installers everywhere, we’re here to give you not just any choices, but the right ones that fit exactly what you need for your home.

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